About the book

Optimize YOUR Airbnb is a book of intermediate and advanced strategies for the Airbnb host wanting to take their income, guest experience, and hospitality to the next level. This information comes from years of reading, thinking, implementing, and testing strategies on the Airbnb platform.

About the Author

Ever since Daniel heard about Airbnb in 2012, he’s been addicted. He loves the simple idea of opening up your extra space to a stranger from anywhere in the world who becomes a friend for life.

Daniel worked in finance at Airbnb until 2015, then in local operations until early 2016. Since then, he’s started an Airbnb property management company he operates remotely from wherever he is in the world, became a Superhost, and a super guest (650+ days slept in Airbnbs). He lives, eats, breathes, and dreams Airbnb. Follow his journey.

Table of Contents


Reader Bonus

Foreword by Symon He


About the Author

Airbnb Explained in 120 Words

About Airbnb, an Insider’s Perspective

Part I: Your Online Airbnb Listing

Chapter 1: Snappy, Catchy, + Thorough: Your Airbnb Listings Mantra

Chapter 2: Use Your Phone to Take Better Photos

Chapter 3: 5 Photo Tips For More Reservations

Chapter 4: Mastering the Title

Chapter 5: Mastering the Text

Chapter 6: 17 Unconventional Ways to Increase Your Search Rank

Chapter 7: Pro Tip: 3 Pros + 2 Cons

Chapter 8: Pricing Hack for More Views

Chapter 9: Let’s Talk About Revenue Management

Chapter 10: Why You Should Respond To Guest Reviews + How

Chapter 11: How To Re-Optimize Your Listing

Part II: Your Offline Hosting Style

Chapter 12: 5 Tips to 5-Star Reviews

Chapter 13: Superhost Checklist

Chapter 14: Interior Design Tips

Chapter 15: Turning Your Space into a Pet-Friendly Listing

Chapter 16: Make Your Airbnb Event Ready

Chapter 17: Cleaning Team Checklist

Part III: Your Online Hosting Style

Chapter 18: Optimizing + Automating Your Messages

Chapter 19: Calendar Strategy New Listings

Chapter 20: Improve Your Airbnb Pro le For More Guests

Chapter 21: How To Complete 100% of Your Host Profile

Chapter 22: What To Do When A Guest Asks To Book Offline

Chapter 23: Why You Should Only List on One Vacation Rental Platform

Part IV: Company + Book Reviews

Chapter 24: Smartbnb Review + Guide, Message Automation

Chapter 25: PriceLabs, Smart Pricing Tool

Chapter 26: Payfully, Payment Advancement

Chapter 27: Hostfully Review, Electronic Guidebook

Chapter 28: NoiseAware + Party Squasher Review, Noise Monitoring

Chapter 29: Book Reviews

Part V: Bonus Content

Chapter 30: How to Put Your Airbnb on Autopilot

Chapter 31: 17 Ways to Improve your Hosting

Chapter 32: How to Identify Problem Guests Before They Book

Chapter 33: How to Write a Proper Review

Chapter 34: Slow Season Strategies

Chapter 35: Creating Additional Revenue Streams

Chapter 36: How Safe Is Airbnb?

Chapter 37: Airbnb Host Insurance Information

Chapter 38: Q+A with Darren Pettyjohn of Proper

Chapter 39: Five Ways to Contact Airbnb

Chapter 40: Useful Airbnb Links

Final Notes


1. Why did Danny write Optimize YOUR Airbnb?

The point of the book is to make you as successful of a host as possible so that Airbnb, short-term rentals, and the entire sharing economy thrive. So many hosts are struggling and could be thriving with a few tweaks to their strategies.

2. Who is Optimize YOUR Airbnb for?

It’s written for the existing Airbnb host who is familiar with the platform and the basics of how Airbnb works. It will provide the most benefit to the host who is not happy with their occupancy and rates. It will also benefit the seasoned Airbnb host as they will learn numerous new strategies. If not, I offer a 100% refund.

3. Where can I buy Optimize YOUR Airbnb?

Everywhere. Just below this section are links to five of the more popular options.

4. What will Optimize YOUR Airbnb do for me?

It will turn you into an Airbnb pro by teaching you strategies you would only figure out with 1000s of hours dedicated to thinking about Airbnb, figuring out the nuances of the site, starting an Airbnb property management company and staying as an Airbnb guest in 22+ countries. This book takes from college graduate to PhD candidate in terms of Airbnb knowledge.

5. I’m not sure if I want to buy this book. What should I do?

Read the introduction to the book.

6. I don’t like reading. Can Danny optimize my listing?

Yes. You can purchase an Airbnb Listing Optimization Report and a variety of other value-add products including a phone consultation, electronic guidebook, Airbnb listing business cards, and more.