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Creating positive social media flags by promoting your Airbnb listing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr with total followings of 20,500+. The post will be active for 24 hours, then deleted. If you want it to remain on my social media accounts indefinitely, order 2x ($180).

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Promotion through Social Media and non-Airbnb traffic sources can improve your visibility of your listing. By creating strong and positive social signals pointing towards you listing page can dramatically increase the number of views and potential customers who view your Airbnb offering.

With your purchase, you get one posting to the Instagram (13k+ followers), Twitter (1.6k followers), and Facebook (5.7k likes). Plus, a promotion to Tumblr as a limited time bonus. Your post will be number one on all accounts for a minimum of 24 hours. The idea is to not only get you added visibility but also to increase the number of wishlist saves which Airbnb has stated directly improves your search ranking.

Why Is Social Media Important For Airbnb Listings?

There are a number of reasons. First, it can help non-Airbnb users to find and view your property through discovery on social media platforms. Secondly, when potential customers are searching for places to stay through search engines, such as Google, the number of links in social media posts, especially from social media accounts that have a focus on short-term residential lettings, can have a positive impact on where your listing appears in the search engine results page. Finally, by increasing the click-through rate on your property from incoming links can also have a beneficial effect on your Airbnb ranking.

Why Utilise The Power Of OptimizeMyAirbnb’s Channels?

Both OptimizeMyAirbnb, and Danny’s own professional reputation on social media, are associated with quality and understanding of the industry. As a starting point, the channels run by Danny and OptimizeMyAirbnb rank highly and have many thousands of followers – gaining exposure to this audience, can have a massive and positive effect on how your listing performs.

1 review for Social Media Promotion Package

  1. Kerry Scott Rosenberg

    I found Danny through Instagram and thought I’d give his services a try. I thought I had a pretty solid Airbnb listing but after his quick turnaround on my listing analysis, I realized I had some work to do. He provided some great, quick examples of recommended actions – most of which I implemented and within one week saw significant uplift in my reservations. Thank you, Danny for sharing your expertise at a reasonable price!

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